Volunteer Ministries Listing

At WCCI, we encourage spiritual employment. Our volunteer ministries are listed below. Please, pray and ask God to show you the ministry in which you are graced to serve. Once you have made your choice, please download the WCCI Ministry Directory to obtain the contact information for the ministry you would like to join. You can call us at (770) 210‑5700, ext. 6217, or e‑mail us at volunteer@worldchangers.org to sign up today.

Communications Desk

This fast paced and dynamic department provides general information for our members and visitors regarding WCCNY and WCCI events, volunteer departments, locations and answers all questions. Individuals interested in volunteering in this department should be attentive, information driven, and able to articulate clearly while serving our multi-cultural church in love.

Community Groups

Community Groups meet throughout the New York City area once a month on various nights of the week. Our primary purpose is to fellowship and to share with other Believers the message of grace while meeting in one another’s homes or various locations throughout the five boroughs.

Creflo Dollar Global Missions

Our volunteer missionaries assist with meeting people’s needs, worldwide, and ministering the Gospel of Grace to them with simplicity and understanding. Whether we serve in building projects, medical clinics, food and clothing distributions, or natural disaster relief, our goal is to empower people by sharing God’s love and grace, and showing them how to practically apply His Word to their lives.

CDM Prayer Center

The Creflo Dollar Ministries (CDM) Prayer Center is the primary prayer and counseling gateway to thousands of hurting people worldwide. We are God’s ambassadors, His called, appointed, and anointed representatives on earth. We function as lifelines to people in need by providing effective, fervent, and compassionate prayers for every person requesting prayer. We teach every individual how to put pressure on the Word of God to meet their needs, and provide understanding of the Word and how it works. Prayer calls are answered by the Prayer Center Team, which consists of staff and volunteers, Sunday-Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Discipleship Program

Creflo Dollar is passionate about stopping the revolving door in the Church, and putting an end to Christians falling short of their full God-given potential. The Discipleship Program was designed to create a strong Christian foundation in the lives of Believers by teaching the significance of discipleship and encouraging them to actively pursue God’s promises, so that they can experience sustained success and enjoy a lasting journey with Christ. Our mission is to guide Believers, from infancy to maturity, in an abiding relationship of love with the Father that will inspire growth and development, and allow them to obtain the full character and nature of Christ. Ultimately, this will equip them to disciple others.