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For the week of March 9, 2020 Grace-Based Relationships

Relationships make life meaningful and fulfilling; however, the fall of Adam and Eve allowed sin to tarnish those relationships. God’s original plan assigned equal authority to men and women; but almost from the beginning, Adam and Eve’s mistake caused the spread of male domination and a spirit of oppression. To fix the problem, Jesus came to earth to re-establish the balance and restore gender equality. Jesus was God’s grace in human form, and the truths He preached eliminated barriers and reunited people.

At one point in His ministry, Jesus deliberately had a long conversation with the outcast Samaritan woman at the well to emphasize the point that everyone matters to God, men and women. The woman’s testimony of her meeting with Christ caused many to believe. Jesus used her in a powerful way to reach many others, because He wanted to reinforce the message that God will show favor to everyone who accepts Him, regardless of gender. In a patriarchal society, this concept went completely against the prevailing thought patterns.

Many people see God as exclusively male; He’s actually a Spirit. Although He has no gender, He does have female as well as male characteristics. For example, in the Old Testament, wisdom, which is a godly trait and a spiritual gift, is described in feminine terms.

Because of what Jesus did, we no longer have to form relationships based on worldly expectations. Men, as well as women, are freed from constrictive, unhealthy requirements based on the Law of Moses. Everyone now has the liberty to follow God’s call on their lives, regardless of gender. We all realize our full potential when we let grace guide us in all our relationships.


Father God, Christ came to restore Your original plan for men and women, and it cost Him His life to do so. Believing Your Word concerning relationships causes us to be blessed and empowered to fulfill Your plans. We thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Genesis 1:26-28

John 1:17

John 4:4-39

Proverbs 4:5-13

For more on how grace restores relationships back to the Father’s original plan, click on the link for the DVD, Gender Roles.

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