Living in the No-Lack Zone (Part 2)

Jul. 23, 2020 | By Creflo Dollar


God is well aware that we all need money for daily living expenses. He wants abundance and prosperity for us; it is not His will for those who trust Him to live in lack or insufficiency. There is nothing wrong with following Christian principles in our finances; however, abundant blessings on every level come not from dry principles, but from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is our supply. There may be times when we are in a tough financial situation; in these times, we must keep in mind that the finished works of Jesus have already made a way out. Provision is one of those finished works. It is okay to have material wealth, as long as we rely on God, not on money, as our supply source.

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Living in the No Lack Zone (Part 2)

Biblical Prosperity

By Creflo Dollar

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