Rejoice! You Are Blessed and Ready, and You Shall Win

Dec. 31, 2018 | By Creflo Dollar

(Tongues) “‘And I’ll have you to walk above and not beneath. I’ll have you to walk in the light, and not in the dark. And even when you see trouble on the horizon, see Me. For I am in the midst of all concerning thee. For these are the days that I have prepared you for,’ saith the Lord. ‘You are blessed, and you are ready, and you shall win. For every circumstance that shall come in, you are blessed, you are ready, and you shall win. For you shall not take the victory because of your own efforts, but the victory has already been given to you,’ saith the Lord. ‘So in everything you are in, you shall win. There will no longer be the sweat and the effort on your part, for I am the Lord your God, and if you’ll regard My Words, I will take you farther than you’ve ever known. Don’t be in a panic, and don’t be in a rush. Don’t be in fear, and don’t get out of love. These are the days that you’ve been praying for, so I’ve prepared it unto thee. And now, My glory you will surely see. So, as you carry yourself throughout this year, it will move quickly, but be without fear. For all the things that you will see with your eyes and hear with your ears, please understand those things will be true. Wars, and rumors of wars, through your ears will come through. But none of it shall come from thee, for My glory have I prepared, and you will see. So prepare to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, because in My hands and in My presence, in all that I have prepared for you, prepare yourself. I am here to see you through. So rejoice and shout and know you’ll win, for victory, for victory, for victory has come in!”