“Rejoice: All That You Have Prayed For Is Near”

May. 15, 2019 | By Creflo Dollar

(Tongues) “I direct this to a married couple for you to understand the season in which you hear what you’re about to hear. But all that you’ve prayed for and believed me for, I say to you this day, it is near. So put aside your struggles and worries and concerns about if it will be so. I am your God according to covenant, and I say these things so that you’ll know that I will not have you to be without what I have promised for you to have. So begin to rejoice, and shout unto Me and give Me praise and receive by faith all the things that you know. For this thing that you and I talked about, it shall surely come to pass. So rejoice. Stop the sweat and the struggle. You’ll see. You’ll know. You’ll understand that it is so. In Jesus’ name, amen.”