Prepare Yourselves: I Am about to Open Doors for You

Nov. 28, 2018 | By Creflo Dollar

(Speaking in tongues) ‘“I am blowing on this generation, and everything that’s been out of place, I’m blowing back into its place. There will be some that try to fight against the wind of My breath, but they will find themselves operating in that which I’ve created them to operate in, and doing that which I’ve called them to do. For I,’ saith the Lord, ‘will begin to stand up with great power in these last days. So, don’t focus on the wrong; keep your eye on the right. For I’m about to bring about supernatural sight, and to show you things that you didn’t realize before. You’ll begin to walk in revelation. You’ll begin to understand and see beyond situations, and you’ll see differently than the world. For then will you come to understand what real holiness is all about. You’ll come to understand that I’ve called you out of darkness into the marvelous light. You’ll understand that I’ve called you to be a royal priesthood and a peculiar people, not because you’re strange, but because you’re different. And I am blowing My breath upon this generation, and as I blow upon this generation, I’m removing the crud of darkness off them. I’ll begin to use people that others said: ‘There’s no way that they could ever be used.’ But they are apples in My sight, and they are precious in My sight. And in the name of Jesus, when I have finished and concluded all that I have designed, then you’ll look up and wonder, ‘How could God have ever used that kind?’ Oh, but I have, and I will. So prepare yourselves, as I’ve said to you before. This is not a time of grief or sadness, but great praise and rejoicing. And if you’ll begin to live in consistent praise and rejoicing, I’ll begin to open up things for you: doors that you thought were closed unto you, things that you didn’t think you qualified for, or even deserved. Watch me,’ saith the Lord. ‘For I’m about to do My greatest work amongst you in this generation. For have I not said that when sin abounds, grace does much more abound? So prepare yourselves, as I’ve said to you before. Spend your time in joy; spend your time in rejoicing. Laugh and be glad, for I am your God.”’