My Supernatural Will Escort You through the Heat

Dec. 2, 2018 | By Creflo Dollar

(Singing and speaking in tongues) “‘For there has been a shift in the realm of the spirit, and these days belong to Me,’ saith the Lord. ‘For the supernatural shall increase in every arena of your life. So prepare yourselves, for the gates are wide open. And those who believe, and those who will receive, I’ll begin to perform mighty acts on behalf of heaven. There will be an increase of angelic manifestations. There will be an increase of the miraculous, and the glory of the Lord shall manifest in different ways. So prepare yourselves, for you’ll not be able to explain. For the mighty works of God are at hand, and they will be marvelous in these days. So as you begin to notice all of the things that will happen in this world that you live in, don’t be dismayed. I’ve got you,’ saith the Lord. ‘And all shall be well. It will not be because you deserved what will happen unto you. But I’ve decided thousands of years ago that this time shall appear, a time for My glory to be near. So as you walk, do it with joy and do it in peace, for My supernatural will begin to escort you through the heat. You’ll not have to worry about defeat, for My supernatural will escort you through the heat, and you’ll not have to be concerned about the financial problems that will be forecast, for My supernatural will escort you through the heat. Remember My covenant with you, that I am your God and you are My people. And now you’ll see the full benefits of Me being your God. For the supernatural is now at hand. Welcome it. Walk in it. Have faith in it, and you will surely see what you’re going to be as I escort you; you will see’ saith the Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.”