I Have Set You Free: Walk in Joy

Feb. 9, 2019 | By Creflo Dollar

“‘All is well with you and your house, and the God of the turnaround shall visit you soon. You think you’ve seen something; you haven’t seen anything yet. For in His presence you shall surely know, and through His Word you will definitely grow. These are times that you will come in with great peace. These are times that you will know Me. From the least to the greatest, they shall all know Me. I’ve given you My Word, and My promises are true. There’s nothing that you are dealing with that I won’t bring you through. So begin to seek Me and see Me in everything that you do. These days that are coming, these final times, you don’t have to be afraid. For now I set you loose, in the peace and the prosperity of love, that others may understand who I am, and begin to walk in the fullness of what I do. You’re not condemned or disqualified for your past. We all have one, but it was because of Me that you were able to last. Don’t allow your past to cover up what is to be. Just don’t forget, I’m the one that set you free. So in the times of peace, and in an atmosphere of My presence, don’t forget that at My right hand there are pleasures forevermore. Walk in those things. Walk in the joy. Now you shall know Me, and sense My presence upon thee. Now you shall know me, and things you couldn’t see before you will see. For I am doing something on the deep end. I am causing favor where others cannot see. You’ll notice this immediately, because you are free,’ saith the Spirit of the Lord... ‘I see not a new level, but another level on the horizon. I see you finally being stirred up and the gift coming forth. And if you’ll just trust God and step out, don’t be afraid; it is the enemy that’s the one that will be dismayed at what finally is stirred up and that will come out of thee. Before the end of February, you will see. It’s never taken Me a long time to do what I’ve wanted to do. The only issue has always been the power and the anointing that I would take you through. So if you’ll yield yourself in peace and confidence in Me, oh yeah, you’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll see.’”