Achieving Victory in Education: A Look Inside WCCI’s Education Program

Sept. 18, 2023 | By CDM Staff

In 2022, Fox5 Atlanta reported that Georgia schools ranked thirty-sixth in a study comparing the quality of education across the fifty states. Student success requires more than governmental support, as artificial intelligence and online learning are forcing schools toreevaluate learning standards. In the midst of this and other obstacles, the World Changers Church outreach program, Victory in Education, strives to support as many students as possible through free online tutoring.

Education is important to WCCI. Creflo Dollar, senior pastor of WCCI, earned a bachelor’s degree in Education and both a master’s and doctorate degree in Counseling; Taffi Dollar, senior pastor, holds a bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Human Services. While every student might not desire a college degree, Victory in Education believes that students should be confident in their potential and that there are no limitations to what they can achieve. Certainly, nothing has been able to limit the achievements of this program!

      Antoinette Sibley is the  volunteer director of the Victory in Education Ministry Team and has been involved in the program for twenty-four years. When she began volunteering in July 1998, the education outreach program only offered adult literacy classes.

A man affiliated with the program voiced his desire for help earning his GED, and that was added. From there, a different GED student expressed he had a child who needed tutoring. The program has now grown to offer assistance for grades 1-12, including SAT tutoring. Victory in Education also offers a chess club as an avenue for enrichment. Through chess, the students are given the chance to develop critical-thinking and improve their analytical skills.

            Before the pandemic, the outreach program averaged fifty students a year. Director Sibley’s goal is to increase the number of volunteers so that they can provide homework help and more; God has begun to answer her prayer through the support of the World Changers eChurch. Since tutoring sessions remain virtual, WCCI e-members can volunteer in the Victory in Education Ministry. Director Sibley says any member, in Atlanta or otherwise, can help as long as they “have a good Wi-Fi connection.” Currently, there are volunteers from North Carolina and another in California who are dedicated to being God’s instruments. In addition, a student (who discovered the program through her grandparents) now receives tutoring, even though she lives in Florida.


      The objective of the Victory in Education Ministry is simple: Our mission is to be guided by God and help students overcome challenges in education. We want to effectively minister to every student we come across and do it in excellence—not doing it just to say we are doing it.” A volunteer for five years, Rachel R. believes that education is an important factor in Christianity, as we are called to be greater in Christ. Volunteers are given the opportunity to become greater by utilizing their gifts; an individual’s skills are assessed and a volunteer will be assigned as an administrator, tutor, coordinator, or liaison based on the student’s ability and need.

            The tutors attempt to create a line of communication between the parents and students, and they hope to one day be able to create a similar correspondence with teachers. Currently, the program offers a parent orientation. They believe that education is a team effort and success should be supported by not only the teachers, but anyone with the time to help.

The name of this outreach program is significant, as the volunteers involved surpass what is expected of them. They acknowledge that the need for tutors is great and do not restrict access to their services. Victory in Education aims to help any student be victorious and encourages other members of the eChurch and the local church to volunteer in order to make a difference in a student’s life.

If you are a member of the WCCI church or eChurch and are interested in volunteering, please contact; to find out more about tutoring services, please contact