A Witness Unto All: An Encouraging Report from Polokego Women’s Shelter

Oct. 16, 2023 | By CDM Staff

The effort to change the world is ongoing at Creflo Dollar Ministries with mission trips and more. In addition to providing for the local community domestically and key locations within the Northern Hemisphere, CDM does mission work all over the world, including in South Africa, which is nearly 20 hours away from Atlanta by plane. The CDM South Africa office has maintained a partnership with Polokego Women’s Shelter for nearly eight years; this mission has not only empowered the women to make permanent and positive changes in their lives but also to understand and accept the grace of Jesus Christ.

A recent report reminds us that though nearly one out of five women in South Africa experiences domestic violence, God remains a healer and a redeemer. Polokego Women’s Shelter has a straightforward mission: provide shelter, necessities (food and hygienic products), and spiritual awakening (through distribution of Creflo and Taffi Dollar’s study notes and quotations). With this fresh simplicity, a wave of change has persisted.

Takalani Munyai, ministry representative located in South Africa, speaks about the current state of the shelter: “Women are open to receive salvation. We have been ministering to more new women at the shelter by encouraging them with Pastor Taffi’s teachings. The women have been restored and are open to sharing their testimonies without fear. The women are taking charge of their lives; they are studying, and some have graduated with a few diplomas and certificates.” Due to the support of partners who help maintain this mission, Polokego Women’s Shelter can issue certificates that equip the women to become working members in society. This work also impacts the community as several of the certificates earned have an emphasis on auxiliary social work.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations” (Matthew 24:14).

Despite what has already been accomplished in close vicinity of the shelter, its goals are far from fulfilled. Polokego Women’s Shelter goes out into the community and furthers the mission work by informing others about the abuse that is happening around the country. Additionally, the ministry hopes to share Pastor Taffi’s message regarding gender equality with other shelters. Munyai continues, “The goal is to impact radio stations that minister to women, impact churches that give accommodation to homeless women and children, and put an end to domestic violence and abuse in our country.”

The work is not done, but the toil is not a burden for those volunteering at the shelter. There are several triumphant moments apparent in the testimonies of the women who are directly impacted by the continued work of the ministry. Despite the setbacks of the Covid-19 pandemic (when the ability to pray and commune with the women was extremely limited), Munyai is glad to report that the mission has evolved spiritually. In August, the shelter reported a positive response to the message of grace that was ministered to them.

“We know you’ll never forget us because God is with you.”

  Polokego Women’s Shelter provides a place of rest, comfort, and prayer. The effort to change the circumstances of abused women and children has continued to be effective, and they maintain ambitions to positively impact the South African people as a whole. Despite the terrible statistics, this Christian mission persists in enacting change. To paraphrase, when God is with you, you are unable to forget those who are in need of help.


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Click the video below to see CDM South Africa’s work at Polokego Women’s Shelter.


*Interview edited for length and clarity.