“Pray in” Your Needs

Prayer is not supposed to be “hit or miss.” If you find your requests are not fulfilled, the issue may be you are missing an important piece of the prayer puzzle. When it comes to getting your needs met, there are specific guidelines to follow that when consistently implemented, guarantee you will never experience lack.

The first prayer point when praying for your needs to be met is to be in the will of God. To be in the will of God means you spend consistent quality time with God in prayer and in His Word, regularly attend church services, have diligent, balanced work habits, and are a person who consistently gives toward the needs of God’s house. Diligence in these four areas is critical to getting your needs met, because these are all things God instructs us to do as Christians. When God gives a directive, there is always a blessing attached to it. Your needs being met is wrapped up in your obedience to these commands.

Secondly, you must believe God desires to prosper you. There are a lot of people who are not fully convinced God wants them to have abundance. The world has painted the picture of a God who gets glory out of poverty. However, the opposite is true. God delights in seeing His people prosper. He wants to bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine.

The third prayer guideline that keeps your connection to Heaven’s resources strong is to be specific in your prayer requests. Many times, people pray general prayers and expect something miraculous to happen. For example, praying, “Lord, increase me!” is not enough. If financial increase is what you need, you must call out that specific area in your prayer time. A more effective prayer would be, “Lord, You said in Your Word that You would supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory, through and by Christ Jesus. Therefore, I present to You the need I have for ___________. I believe I receive this need met and I thank You for the manifestation of my request. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.” This prayer was specific and based on the Word of God. Since God’s Word will not return to Him void, He is going to bring it to pass.

Finally, you must be tenacious in your prayers. This means refusing to give up, no matter what it looks like, or how long it seems to be taking for God to answer. God hears you when you pray; you must continue to thank Him for the request being granted. If the answer does not come immediately it does not mean it is not on the way. The person who stays in God’s face, continuing to thank Him for the answer, is the one who will have their needs met every time.

God wants to meet your needs and Heaven’s resources are one prayer away. Once you have prayed, and believed you received what you prayed, thank God for it! Spend time in His Word, fellowship with other Believers, and work hard. Be a big giver! It will not be long before your answer shows up. Manifestation is the right of every Christian, so receive yours today!

— Creflo Dollar